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Webster Garage DoorsOne of the best rewards of getting a quality Webster garage door like a garage doors Webster is that it can work for long years. Aside from being functional, it can also largely improve the visual appeal of your home. But as the garage door ages, it cannot be helped that it will start to sag. The limit switch of the garage door opener is one common part of the whole Webster garage doors that can start to have a problem as time flies. This limit switch tells the motor that lifts the door when to end running.

Once these limit switches are wrongfully set, this can prevent the Webster garage door from completely opening or closing all the way. Such limit switches can also lead the opener to pull back up or reserve in the event you attempt to close it. This kind of malfunction can be alarming if not attended immediately. It can be dangerous to you and your family, most especially to kids to love to play in the garage when it’s vacant. To stop the garage door from this erratic behavior, it is advised that you reset the limit switch of the garage door opener. Don’t know how to do it? The article will teach you how.

See below for instructions

  1. Webster Garage DoorsOpen the Webster garage door and closely watch while it opens. Once it opens halfway or about five feet from the ground and then stopped, this means the up limit switch must be reset.
  2. Determine the height where the garage door stopped while being opened as this height is a factor used to reset the limit switch of the garage door opener.
  3. Close the Webster garage door using the opener and closely watch as it closes. In the event the door does not completely close, the down limit switch must be reset.
  4.  Calculate the distance of the gap from the door to the floor of the driveway as this distance will be used to adjust the down limit switch.
  5. Access the adjustment screws of the down and up limit switch which are situated on the motor housing of garage door opener on the side.
  6. The up limit switch screw must be turned clockwise once for every three inches which you have to move the garage door up using a screwdriver. This will lift the garage door opener’s chain trolley. Once it does, leave a 2-4 inch distance between the trolley and cover protection bolt.
  7. The down limit switch screw meanwhile should be turned counterclockwise once per every three inches of the garage door gap using a screwdriver.
  8. Now turn the down limit switch screw clockwise once if the garage door shuts and begins to open again. The door will go in reserve automatically every time it hits an obstruction like the ground or driveway. In such instances, the garage door opener recognizes this issue that is why it instantly switches into reserve and moves back up as a safety measure.
  9. Try closing the Webster garage doors. Once it still begins to automatically open back up or reverse, make a single turn clockwise to the down limit switch. Try closing it again. Continue doing this until the door no longer opens back up automatically when you close it.

In the event it is no longer possible to repair your garage door’s limit switch, get a new one. Don’t compromise you and your family’s safety with a defective one. A garage door Service Webster TX is a recommended brand all over Webster when speaking of garage doors.

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